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Nitro's Notables


May 2022

Puppies! We love their cuteness and playfulness but curse their destructiveness and ability to leap small gates in a single bound. Such is with our friend IV Bequia (pronounced Ivy Beckway). Her cuteness is often the saving grace for her destructive habits including tearing up one of her owner's most cherished keepsakes. Enter Genesis K9 Training to mitigate the destructiveness, puppy biting (ugh, razor teeth!), and charging through or over every attempt to contain her.

IV spent some quality time with Mike during Day Camp and he was quickly impressed with her ability to learn. For such a young pup (5 months), she was consistently ahead of the curve, even amongst older dogs. 

Her owners are happy to report that while she is still a big puppy, the behaviors that Mike imprinted have been remarkably helpful. Every night she shows off her skills by doing a "long down" and will not start eating her dinner until she hears, "break!" Good job IV!


Nitro was Mike's beloved K9 partner at the Middletown Police Department. This page honors his memory by highlighting pups that have transformed their problematic behaviors through hard work. 

Nitro's Notables

Tiller Wanted Poster


March 2022

Don't let his cuteness fool you.  Tiller's owner, Kate, first engaged Genesis K9 Training after he had dragged her 80-year old father to the ground on a walk. While he's one of the happiest-go-lucky dogs we've ever met, his penchant for over-excitement and unrestrained strength landed him in the pup pokey. 

Tiller was enrolled in the 7-day Day Camp to work on extending his basic skills, recalls, and impulse control. Mike reports that while Tiller was an excellent student, his progress would only continue if Kate and her family carried through with cementing the new behaviors.


According to Kate, "We lost some time when we went off on vacation right after 'boot camp.' When we regrouped, Mike was able to start the private lessons and that's when things picked up. I find it's easiest to focus on 1-2 behaviors per week. I am fortunate enough to still be working remotely so I do little micro-sessions a couple times per day. He's definitely improving and recalls well when he's off lead in the woods. We're still working on impulse control. I'm so grateful that Mike has given Tiller the foundation for these skills and is always willing to lend advice. " 

Recall Off Lead: Wait for It

Nitro's Notables

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