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What Your Neighbors are Saying


Our 6 month old golden retriever puppy made HUGE progress while spending 10 days with Mike. We've seen such a difference in our puppy since he's been home and now feel equipped to continue his training at home. We received daily videos (which we LOVED) showing us Mike's expert training and our puppy's progress. He tailored the training to our needs (walking our puppy with a stroller and incorporating baby sounds as distractions) without us asking.


We would 1000% recommend Mike to anyone looking for dog training; He is very skilled with dogs and is an overall great guy!

- Melissa


When Sam landed in his new forever home, his background was a mystery. Breed? Unknown. Age? Unknown. What was known? He had a loving personality and was eager to learn. 

"I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me but I was determined to make this beautiful dog live up to his potential," said Sam's owner. "Mike's guidance was invaluable, especially because it was so customized for Sam and me."

With six private lessons with Mike under her belt, Sam's owner reported he really started to flourish with his micro-training sessions. She was able to do these 3-4 times per day which was invaluable to cementing these new found behaviors. The proof is in the puddin' though, right? Take a look at the video to see how far Sam has come.


This is the newest addition to our family, Bodie. Don't let that cute face fool you... He has a stubborn streak and is VERY strong. I couldn't walk him--he dragged me down the steps, nearly pulled my shoulder out when I tried to walk him and basically just did what HE wanted to do.


After realizing that I really didn't have the time to work with him to train him myself, I connected with Mike at Genesis K9. Dennis and I were impressed with Mike from the moment we met him. We decided to send Bodie to his 10 day 'Day Camp.' Bodie trained with him all day and then decompressed with us each night.


We can't believe the difference in Bodie! It's pretty amazing but it is just the beginning. Mike laid the foundation and equipped me with the tools to continue to work with Bodie.


I can't say enough good things about Mike! Whether you have a puppy, new-to-you dog or a dog that needs a course correction, you need to contact Mike. Training dogs is truly his gift! He is a super nice guy, too AND he is based right here on Kent Island.

- Tricia Wilson


Highly recommend!

We hired Mike to work with us and our 12 week old chocolate lab who was showing signs of aggression. He was extremely patient and insightful with answering our questions, assessing the needs of our dog and ensuring our success with her training program.


He made himself available after the 4-week sessions had ended to address additional questions and concerns we had. We continue to see vast improvements in our dogs behavior and skill set with the tools and knowledge that Mike has provided.


We are extremely pleased with Genesis K9 training and highly recommend to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, passionate and affordable trainer.

- Ericka Kriegisch

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